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We are Anusim (Anousim) PDF Print E-mail

Grace Serrano - Menorah

Many of us have been taught the Holy Scriptures (Tanach) and Oral Law (Mishna). The B’nai Anusim (Anousim) are now learning our Torah, our Hebrew prayers and Jewish traditions. We are re-discovering our identity as Jews.  We are an awakening giant after 500 years of slumber to return what was once lost in history.  We are the surviving  products of  “light” after over 500 years of Inquisition “tortures, cruelty, and forced conversions”.

B’nai Anousim are the miracle result of Hashem’s promised redemption, according to the prophet Obadiah (v20)…that the exiles of Sefarad would return to Israel’s Negev.  Sephardim Hope International functions as a “bridge” to find and bring this message of hope. We understand the feelings of loss and rejection, but also are able to share the blessing of found true identity.

Jewish is the blood covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This cannot be erased or altered because of people’s opinions, if we desire return to our real family.  Jewish is in our blood, because of inheritance, kept customs and spark of Hashem.   We ourselves cannot alter this, only awaken to its truth. We are glad that Ha Shem is our Avinu Malkeinu,  our true Father and King. Baruch Hashem Adonai.